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Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Will Brody and Laura get a second chance for happiness?

          “Brody.  Brody is that you?”
          Slowly he turned.
          Laura stood before him like a vision from the past that he wasn’t
sure was real or imagined.  All the pain and confusion from ten years ago
  through him,  filling his head with so much chatter he couldn’t hear a
          Brody rocked back and forth from his heels to his toes.  This
little ruse of his had been a stupid idea from the get-go.
          He should leave Laura to deal with Hawkes.
          But he couldn’t.
          Hawkes destroyed everything in his path.  He couldn’t let the man
destroy Laura.  He had to get her out of there.
          His head demanded he leave.
          His heart propelled him to her side.
          “Tell me straight.  Why’d you come back here?”  He clenched his
fists at his sides to keep from reaching out, from taking her in his arms.”
          “It’s not what you think, Brody.”
           Again, that look he remembered well, as if she was peeling back
his skin and looking straight inside him.  His heart beat faster.  His chest
felt tight.
   Once upon a time he thought he knew her.  Now he had no idea if he ever
had.  His gut clenched.  He wouldn’t be making that mistake again.
          “You have no idea what I think.”


Photographer Alisha King has her sights set on her yummy neighbor, Dr. Hanson Powers, as the perfect photo subject for her upcoming erotic photo show. He's so much like her that it both scares and intrigues her. It will be a challenge to capture all that sexual magnetism with her camera, to bring eroticism to a new level. But given the sexual chemistry between them, how hard can it be? The good Doctor insists all he wants is a blow job in exchange for their photo shoot. But things get way out of control when Alisha jumps into the shoot with him and their chemistry ignites.

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