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When Paris Sommer finds the secret diary of her great-great-grandmother, who ran an infamous brothel in the old West, her secret fantasies are ignited.  Putting her librarian career to good use, she goes to Forked Creek, Nevada, to stay at the brothel and do some research.  There Paris discovers a forbidden pleasure of her own: Mitchell Brand, a dead-sexy cowboy who knows just how to treat a woman - and make her beg for more.  Brand's hard-lovin' ways welcome Paris into a world of passion she's never known...until a mysterious treasure map hidden in the diary leads them to a place where peril and seduction collide.

AUTHOR NOTE: Since "tame" means docile and dull and my latest hero is anything but, UNTAMED seemed a natural title choice.  Besides, ghost towns have always triggered my romantic fantasies,  given the appeal of a slower pace of life back then, underscored with the testosterone-driven energy of macho cowboys in those yummy leather chaps. The wild Wild West  strikes me as an era like no other; as untamed as my latest hero, Brand, and the passion that flairs between him and Paris.  I loved the idea of the old-fashioned setting in contrast to modern day sensibilities, and had fun creating Forked Creek, a place I'd dearly love to visit.   I hope you enjoy the time spent there as much as I did creating it. KL

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Montana Blackstone has big plans for the deluxe spa resort she's building at Black Creek Ranch.  They don't include letting her know-it-all new foreman take the reins, even if tall, broad-shouldered Steele Hardt looks mighty capable of showing her how blissful it can be to surrender control - in and out of the bedroom.  As the sizzling chemistry between them erupts in one mind-blowing encounter after another, Montana finds that Steele has a knack for knocking down her defences and seeing through to the vulnerable core she's tried so hard to hide.

Once a pro poker player, now a renowned business troubleshooter, Steele came to Black Creek to give investors a covert report on the spa's potential - not to give its gorgeous owner such very personal attention.  And once she learns the truth about why he's there, Steele stands to lose Montana forever.  Convincing her that the heat between them is more than a dilife.  But Steele has never been known to take the easy way out - and he's not about to start now....


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Welcome aboard the Fantasy Cruise Line, where luxurious private cabins use virtual reality to create any fantasy you've ever dreamed of -- and a few you've never imagined.

Cassidy Ferrill's fantasy is to get revenge on her teen crush, Sloan Hardt, who broke her heart when he rejected her long ago. She wants to seduce the man, then leave while he's panting for more. When she discovers they'll both be guests on a Fantasy wedding cruise, Cassidy knows she's found the perfect opportunity. If she can just keep from losing her heart all over again....

Sloan doesn't immediately recognize the curvy auburn-haired beauty as his long-ago "pity date" to the prom, but he certainly recognizes what he's feeling: pure, unadulterated lust. The fantasy-themed cabins are a perfect opportunity for some truly wicked night games with this new, grown-up Cassidy. But while Sloan has always been a love-'em-and-leave-'em kind of guy, this fling somehow seems different. Why does he find himself fantasizing about a life with Cassidy after the cruise is over?


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Springing for an impromptu get-away for her two best girlfriends wasn’t entirely a selfless act on Kennedy James’ part. Sure, she wanted to help Lisa get over her cheating ex-husband, and Justine to quit obsessing about the ticking of her biological clock. But Kennedy had her own raging libido in mind when she booked their trip to Walker Hook, North Carolina. What could be more fun than a week in a beach paradise surrounded by wealthy, eligible, and smokingly sexy men? What about an X-rated scavenger hunt? Kennedy’s cooked up a checklist to die for: Your date’s boxers . . . Sex in a limo . . . Skinny dipping with him . . . A shooter he slurps from your belly button. . . . and more wickedly erotic adventures sure to blissfully obliterate their heartaches back home in Seattle. The first one among their try-anything trio to complete the list is the winner—but in sexcapades this uninhibited, you just might bag a prize even bigger and more irresistible than you ever dreamed . . . with a lover who knows just the right spot for unleashing sensations not even these daring huntresses have experienced.


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Because fun doesn't stop at fifty.  Join smart, sassy Rachel Fontaine on the cusp of her fiftieth birthday when life as she knows it is abruptly turned upside down. When her best friend throws her the challenge to never turn down the opportunity to have sex, it doesn't take Rachel long to discover fifty is the new thirty-something, and acting sexy has never been so much fun, as she rediscovers her power as a newly-single woman.

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Dedicated to “The Sisterhood”


Girlfriends everywhere who share their stories, support their friends, love their families, and laugh their way through life.  So many of you played a part in this book, and why it felt so important to write it for “us”.


Alisha King isn’t afraid of intimacy, or so she manages to convince herself.  After all, she experiences intimacy in a myriad of ways, from viewing the world behind the lens of her camera to a frenzied romp with her favorite vibrator. Focused on her upcoming photography show and finding the perfect subject, suddenly there he is, watching her watching him from across the courtyard of their apartment block.

The jolt through her system is instant, a feeling of familiarity that makes no sense.  For they’ve never met.  And trading the safety of her camera for up close and personal with the yummy Doctor Hanson Powers promises to lend a whole new level of intimacy to her photography.

When his sexy neighbor asks if she can photograph him, Hanson is by turns amused and intrigued.  He isn’t interested in being photographed for a sexy art show, yet he is curious to know how far Alisha is willing to go to capture her subject.