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After her husband's unmourned death, Callie Lambert looks forward to peaceful years on her Oregon ranch, doing things her way. Yet all too soon a handsome stranger shows up, a man who chips away at her façade without even trying and turns her dreams of solitude upside down.
Rafe Millar seeks only revenge for his brother's murder, and then he will move on. Settling down is not for him, not anymore. But something in Callie's defiant green eyes and proud spirit makes him care more than he wants to—until he discovers the murdering scoundrel is not only Callie’s neighbor but a rival for her hand in marriage.  Buy This Ebook Now from Amazon.com

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Anora King didn't plan to pretend she was married, but her new neighbors in Boulder Springs leap to that conclusion. For a young woman struggling socially and financially, the deceit has its advantages, until the sinfully handsome new marshal comes to town.
Jesse Quantrill is shocked to find himself lusting after a married woman. But sweet, blushing Anora doesn't act married, and her mix of innocence and feisty determination is irresistible.
No matter how hard they try to stay apart, lawbreakers, riots, and deadly danger drive Jesse and Anora straight into each others arms.
Yet a romance between them would be the town's biggest scandal ever...

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SHE TRUSTED HIM… Raised on a small Arkansas farm, Maddy Winslow craves excitement, but an escaped convict seeking shelter in her barn is more adventure than she bargained for. Determined to help the brooding stranger clear his name, Maddy impulsively joins Judson Burke on a dangerous journey to his Texas home — and finds herself the victim of relentless passion…

HE TRUSTED NO ONE… When the prison wagon transporting Judson crashes, he flees, praying for a chance to prove his innocence in his wife's murder. Betrayed by his past desire, all Jud wants now is his freedom — until his beautiful traveling companion convinces him that love is the only thing worth fighting for…  Buy This Book Now at Amazon.com

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Dr. Grace Abbot has deceived her father, who believes she stayed out East to become a proper doctor's wife. Now he wants her home, but if he learns she's the doctor, she may lose the inheritance to fund her passion, a women's clinic.

When a wounded stranger shows up at her Kansas City infirmary--with almost the same last name as the drifter she married to get her dowry money--Grace hits upon a wild scheme. This darkly handsome Mr. Abbott can pose as her doctor husband for the visit back home in California. She can view him as dispassionately as she would anyone. Can't she?

Pinkerton detective Dexter Abbott has found his client's willful daughter, and she's given him the perfect excuse to stick to her side while he returns her to her father. But his real problem begins when he doesn't tell her what his actual job is--and when being so close to her inspires longings Dex never expected in himself. Buy This Book Now at Amazon.ca

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Unmaked by Kathleen Lawless

No man had the slightest idea of her restless yearnings, her innermost desires....
Aurora Tremblay is a beautiful, headstrong woman with a powerful obsession: Grayson Thorne. Sensationally wealthy and handsome, he holds the key to Aurora's dream. But Grayson has his own agenda for this self-styled Grand Adventuress, who unknowingly invaded a most private sort of party at his remote estate. Soon Aurora finds herself a pawn in a seductive, role-playing game in which cloaked strangers beg for her forbidden touch and temptation is everywhere...until the fiery passion between Aurora and Grayson brings them dangerously close to taking the ultimate risk -- falling in love.

Author's note: "I've always been fascinated by masks and the part they have played in traditions and ceremonial rituals, from ancient times to modern day. I have a beautiful leather one that I bought in New York City last year, hanging on my office wall. Masked or not, people continue to be an endless source of fascination and inspiration for my stories. I hope you enjoy Grayson and Aurora and their adventures in 'Unmasked'."

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Taboo by Kathleen Lawless

He was *hers* for seven days and seven nights. And what she did with him would ultimately be considered "taboo".

"Taboo: proscribed by society as improper and unacceptable" The Random House College Dictionary

Author's note:
"I wrote Taboo when I was in Jamaica, inspired by the island's lush tropical beauty, warm ocean, and loving caress of sunshine and afternoon rain showers. I decided to write the type of book I wanted to read because no one else was."

Released in October 2003 from Pocket Books. 

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